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Feel the fragrance!

We are a rose oil, rose concretes, rose water and many other rose-based products producer from Isparta, from the "City of Roses". We produce essential oils in Turkey.
We care not only about people, but also about nature! Now its easy to buy rose oil from producer in Turkey.
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Our Products

Rose Oil

SKU: 2020.001.001
The Scent Wind rose oil is obtained by distillation from our ROSA DAMASCENA rose, called the Queen of Flowers. It contains over 300 priceless substances that have a miraculous effect on the human body and turn it into an indispensable elixir in the fields of cosmetics, pharmacy and the food industry.
The oil has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and regenerative effect. It is an ideal tool for nourishing, softening and regenerating aging and damaged tissues, slows down the aging process of cells. With its delicate and heady aroma, rose oil has a strong aromatherapy effect on the human body - relieves nervous tension, acts as a strong antidepressant and aphrodisiac. The unique properties of rose oil have been known since ancient times and are successfully used in the manufacture of cosmetic products. We are manufacturer of rose oil in the city of roses. You can buy rose oil directly from producer.

Rose Concretes

SKU: 2020.002.001
We get not only liquid rose oil from The Queen of Flowers, but also solid oil. It has a cream-burgundy color obtained by processing extremely fresh roses in an extraction system with hexane. It is used in the production of raw materials for the perfumery and cosmetics industry. We are manufacturer of rose concretes in the city of roses. You can buy rose concretes directly from producer.

Rose PEA (Phenly Ethyl Alcohol)/95

SKU: 2020.003.001
Thanks to Rose's water vapor, the most naturel smell of phenylethyl remains in the rose water. The phenylethyl obtain essential oil via alcohol and resin. Phenylethyl alcohol has pleasant flower smell. This smell of flower is widely used for flavor, fragrance and perfumery. We are manufacturer of Rose PEA in the city of roses. You can buy Rose PEA directly from producer.

Rose Water

SKU: 2020.004.001
After the rose oil is taken from the boilers, we distill it for the second time, which is called oil under oil. After the second distillation, we call the pink, non-fat water. There are no additives in the rose water except rose oil. It is used as a flavoring in some foods and desserts due to the naturalness of rose water, does not contain harmful substances, and is also used to cleanse the body and make-up due to its nutritional and firming properties. We are manufacturer of rose damascena in the city of roses, Isparta, Turkey. You can buy rose water directly from producer. We sell rose water as wholesale, please get in touch for our price offer.

Dried Rose Petals

SKU: 2020.005.001
100% natural & biodegradable rose petals. We are manufacturer of Rose Damascena in the city of roses, Isparta. Isparta is one of the best producer of roses, rose damascena. With scentwind you can buy dried rose petals directly from producer. We sell as wholesale rose petal as a rose producer.

Lavender Oil

SKU: 2021.001.001
The raw material for obtaining lavender essential oil is inflorescence with a peduncle no longer than 10 cm.
We cut them during the period of mass flowering 10-12 days after the beginning of flowering.
We cut them off in calm and dry weather, since in the rain and during a strong wind the oil yield decreases sharply.
We process raw materials immediately after harvesting fresh.
Essential oil is obtained by hydrodistillation, that is, distilled with water vapor.
The health benefits of lavender essential oil are its ability to eliminate nervous tension, relieve pain, disinfect skin, improve blood circulation and treat respiratory diseases.
Also lavender essential oil is used in the manufacture of perfumes and many aromatic preparations and their combinations. You can buy lavender oil directly from producer. We sell lavander oil, which is directly produced by Scentwind.

Dried Lavender

SKU: 2021.002.001
The lavender harvested in August is separated from the dried stalk and leave. As a result, dry lavender flowers with beautiful purple color and magnificent smell are obtained. You can buy dried lavender directly from producer. We sell dried lavander, which is directly produced by Scentwind.
Why work with us?
Our goal is to make people happy without harming the environment.
We use 100% natural sources, which results in the highest quality of our our essential oils.
We are an enterprise with a high environmental responsibility. We try to do everything in order not to harm the environment.
We have a humble operational international team in many cities around the world, which allows us to resolve any issues of our customers in the shortest period of time.
Our team consists of experienced scientists who create the purest products.
Our international staff allows us to carry out the contracts on time. Working with us you can be sure that you are in good hands.
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